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Jon Chase

Oil And Water 2 [Art show]

I had the honor of being a artist in Oil And Water 2. So we packed up the family and headed to San Diego to check it out.

The show was hosted by Us Vs Them and to help accommodate the 65 artist they rented the spot next door. The turn out was really good, it was basically pretty impossible to get photos of some the pieces.


Harpoon talking about the process

The Bueno dynamic duo of photography


Jason Gallo

Steven Daily

So sick this is all ball point pen

Real happen with where my piece was placed.

Gunner and I taking a pic for the record.

Here is Mike Fermoile been a long time since when seen each other. He's working with Death Squad on design.

Gunner checking out the artwork in between picking up on older women.

Steven Daily

Deph went the other way and did a scratch based piece.

Another pic of Harpoon's tank

Maxx 242's tank

Wish every piece was tagged with a title and artist who produced the artwork. Great show regardless and the quality of work was pretty much next level. Truly an honor to be a part of the show.

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